Pinouts & Wiring Diagrams

wiringdiagramPinouts and Wiring Diagrams are critical to making leads and cables – two cables can look identical externally, but if the wiring is wrong internally at best the product won’t work and at worst it could lead to damaged product, fire or even death.

This section contains pinout lists, wiring diagrams and details of the technical aspects of various types of cabling and connections. You can expect to find basic information and guidance as well as links to more resources that you may find useful.

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Computer Monitor Wiring

SVGA connections have been the standard way of connecting computers to their monitors since 1990. The SVGA (Super VGA) video interface offers more colours and resolutions then the VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface it replaced, but does not really exist … Continue reading

Din & Midi Wiring

This page gives information on wiring Din connectors for various purposes, including MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connections. Leads Direct sells and manufactures cables using a wide range of DIN standard connectors which you can view and purchase – the … Continue reading

DMX Wiring

Controlling lighting with low voltage signals DMX leads are used to send low voltage control signals to DMX-equipped lighting units, such as dimmer packs, scanners, lighting effects, lasers, etc. Leads Direct carries a huges range of these cables from stock … Continue reading

DVI Wiring Information and Pinout Table

Leads Direct is proud to have been an early provider of high quality DVI monitor leads and cables long before some other suppliers in the UK.  The company carries a wide range of ready made DVI leads and accessories up to 10m … Continue reading

Fitting BNC Crimp Connectors

This tutorial covers the fitting of three part BNC crimp connectors to RG59 coaxial cable, but it is also appropriate to many other types of coaxial cable and RF connector – things like the strip depth may change but the … Continue reading

HDMI Wiring

What is HDMI? The acronym HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and the HDMI standard defines a digital data transfer interface intended to permit the transfer of uncompressed digital video and other data from compliant HDMI equipped devices such … Continue reading

Jack Plugs & Sockets

The Jack Plug (also called an audio jack, phone plug, stereo plug, mini-jack), is a common audio connector. It is cylindrical in shape with two, three, or four contact points separated by insulating material. Officially the Jack is the socket, … Continue reading

Network Wiring

Leads Direct sell a wide range of Network Leads and Cables ready made which you can view and purchase by visiting our Products area whch has literally thousands of products each with multiple sizes of image. Leads Direct can also make custom network … Continue reading

PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Connections (6 Pin)

The standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse use a standard 6-pin mini-din connector to provide the interconnection between product and computer.  The pins are set out as shown below: 6-Pin Mini-Din Female 6-Pin Mini-Din Male     Viewed from the solder … Continue reading

S-Video Wiring

Leads Direct sells a huge range of S-Video leads and S-Video Adaptors and Accessories, from basic nickel plated moulded cables up to 24 carat gold plated oxygen free copper leads which you can view and purchase by visiting our secure … Continue reading

SCART Wiring

  Leads Direct sells a huge range of ready made SCART Leads, SCART Accessories and associated products in various configurations which you can view and purchase by visiting our secure online shop which has literally thousands of products each with … Continue reading

Serial Wiring

When discussing serial connections for computers you are normally referring to the RS232 interface. Leads Direct sells a wide range of RS232 compatible serial leads and cables in both 9 and 25 pin configurations, including straight through and Null Modem leads as well as USB and Firewire which … Continue reading

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