S-Video Wiring

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S-Video is a technical specification for the transfer of video information via a 4 pin mini din cable. These leads are sometimes also referred to as ‘S-VHS’ leads, which is technically incorrect. However, the two names can be used interchangeably to refer to the same type of cable. These leads are commonly used for connecting video sources such as video cameras, PC Video Grabber cards, DVD players etc., to other devices and of course to televisions.

S-Video is an abbreviation of ”Separate Video’, and refers to an analogue video signal that carries the images as two separate signals – one defining the brightness and the other the colour. The signals are called Luminence (Y:grey-scale) and Chrominance (C:Colour) and the signal is not directly compatible with any other type of video signal. However, it is possible to convert s-video signals to composite video.

Contrary to popular belief this type of lead carries video signals ONLY, and no audio whatsoever.

S-Video signals are generally connected using 4 pin mini-DIN connectors using a 75 ohm termination impedance. The proper cable for the job is a twin coaxial cable, but some modern cables use a four core standard cable which is not up to the original specification.

S-Video Cable Stripped 300px
A stripped s-video coaxial cable

The connections for s-video wiring are as displayed below:





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