Case Studies

Leads Direct offers a tremendous service to its customers (read our Testimonials for confirmation) and part of that service is tailoring what we provide to the needs of our customers.

This section of the website provides detailed case studies showing how the products and services provided by Leads Direct can make a big difference to the individuals, businesses and organisations that we serve.

Leads and Cables may not seem terribly exciting at first glance, but in practice everyone uses them every day in every walk of life. Make yourself a cup of tea – the kettle has a lead on it! Watch the television – power leads, aerial leads, SCART leads, s-video leads, component video leads, HDMI leads on the latest screens and more all come into play.

If you use a computer an even greater number of leads and associated products come into play – mains leads, monitor leads, computer audio leads, SATA leads, IDE leads, power splitter leads, USB leads, printer leads, parallel leads, serial leads – the list goes on an on.

Leads Direct exists to help its customers.

  • We have been able to help businesses like Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery to produce truly unique products.
  • We have been able to create specialised custom looms and cables for businesses like XS Promotions that resolve specific problems faced by people in the entertainment industry that cannot be easily resolved elsewhere.

If you have experienced the Leads Direct service yourself and would like to have your business or organisation featured here, please complete the case study request form and we will do our best to comply.

If you have not yet had this experience and would like to know more about how Leads Direct can help you or your business why not simply call us and ask…

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