Case Study: Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery

Mike Shorer is an extremely talented Goldsmith, Silversmith and Trophy maker who creates unique pieces for everyone from rock stars to royalty and also makes stunning trophies for corporate events and competitions. To see more examples of his work than we can show on this page visit the Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery website.

The Problem

Mike had been commissioned to create a truly unique trophy to be presented to the winner of a Poker tournament to be held in Las Vegas and to be broadcast on television worldwide. Like Las Vegas the trophy needed to be bright, possibly brash and certainly very memorable.

Mike came up with something that looked amazing but still needed something more – so he approached Leads Direct for assistance with illuminating his design.

The Solution

Leads Direct technical staff reviewed the requirements in consultation with Mke Shorer and concluded that the solution would be to include LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in the body of the trophy and to provide a sound activated trigger to cause the trophy to light at appropriate times. From this decision the team at Leads Direct:

  • researched and specified the the LED’s, switches, electronics, connections and interconnections for the project.
  • produced initial drawings and proposals for the solution.
  • introduced interconnection options that would allow the trophy to be disassembled for maintenance if necessary
  • developed special jigs and tooling to allow the LED cabling looms to be created
  • hand built and tested the looms
  • offered technical advice and assistance throughout the design and manufacturing phases

The Results

The team created a custom control assembly with circuit boards and wiring, and used standard DB25 connectors in order to facilitate easy removal and replacement of the trophy from its base:

A custom wiring loom was designed to be fitted inside the trophy, and each individual LED bulb was soldered to the loom. The male DB25 connectors were fitted to the loom ends so that they could be fitted to the electronics easily when the trophy was assembled.

The assembled trophy looks really nice as it is…

But when the electronics are activated by sound or movement it really shines:

If you have need of a lead or cable of any type for a product you are designing or creating, Leads Direct offers the ideal service. From initial advice to prototyping all the way to building the cables for a full manufacturing run, Leads Direct can help you achieve your aims. There is no minimum order and pricing is very keen. You can request a quotation for custom leads online by visiting our Custom Leads Information page or you can email us or call 08448 155 955 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) for assistance.

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