At Leads Direct we source, manufacture, distribute and service products for businesses of all types, from single-piece orders to small local businesses to the major corporations ordering 1,000’s of leads a month in bulk, although our expertise began with the Music Industry. In particular, we provide high-quality Mains Leads and Cables, Bespoke Custom Assemblies along with Musical Audio Leads in various formats – Looms, Stage Multicores, Studio Multicores, Guitar Leads, Midi Leads and so on. We also have a huge range of Computer Leads and accessories. We also source, manufacture distribute and service products for the Computing and Information Technology industry. Anything with a cable or lead on it from a mouse to an entire network.

Below is our catalogue of off-the-shelf products. In addition, Custom Leads made to your exact specification are our speciality, and we are proud to have a number of very well known companies as regular Custom Leads customers.

We specialise in providing unusual formats in a very short timescale, delivered to your door and fully guaranteed. We have provided a wide range of unusual leads recently, including specialised cables for early Quad Hi-Fi systems and Video to PC interlinks. If the connectors, cable and specifications are available, we can build the interconnects!

If it is a lead or a cable we can probably provide it!