Case Study: XS Promotions

XS Promotions is an Aberdeen based Scottish Entertainment Agency working with acts of all types throughout the north of Scotland, as a result of which leads and cables are frequently needed! To find out more about the company visit the XS Promotions website.

The Problem

Ean Jones who runs XS Promotions needed to connect multiple devices from floor level to mixer level, and needed to carry both multiple audio signal types with different connector requirements and DC power for the devices. The solution needed to be as neat as possible without breaking the bank, and had to be quick to set up in a live performance situation.

The Solution

Leads Direct technical staff reviewed the requirements in consultation with Ean and concluded that the ideal solution would be to create a 3m custom loom using 8 way multicore cable and as part of the project make a special box to accept the DC input and route it to three DC supply connectors at the far end. From this decision the team at Leads Direct created a product wiring diagram and technical specification as follows:

  • 3m of top quality 8 way balanced multicore cable – Kelsey UNI-8 was selected as the best option
  • 1 right angle Neutrik stereo jack to 2 x right angle 6.3mm mono jack
  • 1 right angle Neutrik stereo jack to 2 x right angle gold plated phono
  • 1 right angle Neutrik stereo jack to 1 x right angle female XLR
  • 3 x 2.1mm DC jacks to 1 x 2.1mm DC socket mounted in a small project box
  • Tails to be 0.25m long instead of the usual 0.5m.

This proposal was submitted to the customer by email for approval, which was immediately forthcoming.

The Results

In less than three days from receipt of the order the custom loom was manufactured by hand, fully tested, and despatched to Aberdeen at a total cost of less than £100 including carriage and VAT!. An image of the completed product is shown to the left. On seeing it Ean said that he felt it was 'A thing of beauty!' and expressed his satisfaction with the service he had received from Leads Direct.

Ean advised that he had contacted a number of suppliers trying to find a solution to his problem, but Leads Direct was not only the first to respond but produced the best solution. Of a number of companies contacted only Leads Direct responded immediately, and had in fact already completed the specification, accepted the order and ordered in the necessary parts before the first of the other companies responded - and then they only announced that they were unavailable for ten days or so and asked Ean to apply for a quote again after that time! The other companies apparently didn't even bother to reply at all...

Asked if he would be prepared to allow his problem and the custom lead created as the solution to be the basis of a case study, Ean said 'I will be delighted to be a part of anything that will promote such a service, be it testimonial or being a willing case study.  ... [although] your excellent picture of the loom sells itself!'

He added 'Right-angled plugs look cool,; and that's all there is to it!'

If you have need of a lead or cable of any type that does something you cannot achieve with standard parts, Leads Direct offers the ideal custom lead service. There is no minimum order and pricing is very keen. You can request a quotation for custom leads online by visiting our Custom Leads Information page or you can email us or call 08448 155 955 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) for assistance.

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