IEC C14 to IEC C15 – Mains Lead – 3m


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3 metre IEC C14 plug to IEC C15 line socket. 1.00mm cores. Cold condition.

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Our 3 metre IEC C14 plug to IEC C15 line socket on 1.0mm² 3 core black mains cable is the true “kettle Lead”. You will often find the kettle lead being mistaken for the IEC C13 connector which looks similar without the notch. The IEC C15 connector has been specially designed for use with “hot conditioned” appliances, including HP servers, Cisco kits and most importantly, but rarely compared to modern servers, for use with kettles!

The IEC C15 connector is rated at 120°C and at 10amps whereas the IEC C13 is only rated at 70°C. The most important feature of the IEC C15 kettle connector is the crucial notch taken out the bottom, this is for your safety. IEC C15’s are designed with this notch allowing it to fit into the IEC C16 male, the whole idea of this notch on the IEC C15 is so you can’t put an IEC C13 into the IEC C16 which would melt the IEC C13 connector and obviously cause a major fire hazard. You can however use an IEC C15 in place of an IEC C13 connector.

Like how you can’t use an IEC C13 connector in place of an IEC C15, you can’t use the standard IEC C15 in the IEC C16A, this is due to the IEC C16A having a even higher rating of 155°C, for this super hot condition you need an IEC C15A connector which as well as having the notch it has an extra ridge running along the top. All of the above mentioned connectors we have in stock as either a rewireable connector or as a moulded lead.

If you need any help identifying which connector you need please take a look at our technical page on our website or give us a call and talk to a friendly human!

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