Leads Direct has a technical support staff that is the envy of our industry, and can usually provide either the answers to our customers’ questions or a route to find that information if it is available and do so in very short order. Indeed, even some of our suppliers rely on us for assistance with technical matters.

Our support staff frequently find themselves asked to provide answers to questions that have been asked before, and this results in one of two things happening – either we include the answers in our Technical Library section where you can find information on things like SCART wiringS-Video wiringMains wiring and connectors,International Voltages and so on, or else we add them to our FAQ pages.

For technical information please refer to our Knowledge Base.

If you can’t find the answer you require, please feel free to contact us by whatever method you prefer and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

For the fastest result please email info@leadsdirect.co.uk and we will try to both answer your question and make sure that the information is made available through these pages for future reference.

Sales (8)

Are all the products you sell exactly like the photographs on the website?

Photographs are as accurate as possible but are provided for guidance only. Many of the products we provide are generic and may therefore be made by more than one manufacturer and even in more than one country. Supply chain problems can sometimes lead to our sourcing products differently in order to be able to maintain stocks, and improvements to products and advances in technology may also give rise to slight variations. Customers should be aware that products may therefore be cosmetically different to the photographs, but they will at the very least meet the specifications provided and be functionally identical or superior.

Are all the leads and cables you sell exactly the length stated?

All lengths quoted are nominal, allowing for normal manufacturing tolerances.
Mass manufactured products are normally supplied to us by the factories on the basis that the actual length versus the nominal length may be plus or minus 5%.

Custom leads hand made in our workshops are manufactured on the basis that the cable is initially cut within 1% of the quoted length prior to termination. This can result in a variation in length dependent upon the connectors used, but they will more often be slightly over length than slightly under length.

Will I get a VAT invoice?

Full VAT invoices in PDF format are automatically despatched to the email address you give when placing your order. The invoice will contain a consignment reference if appropriate, to enable you to track your parcel over the internet. If you use a spam filter it would be wise to set it to allow all messages from Leads Direct through so that your invoice is not falsely identified as spam and automatically deleted. This is commonly known as a ‘whitelist’, the opposite of a blacklist.

I don’t want to give you an email address. Do I have to do so?

If you want to receive a VAT invoice, then yes you do. However, there is no need for concern about giving us your email address. Under normal circumstances we do not give any details to anyone outside the company, not even email addresses. You won’t suddenly find yourself inundated with rubbish after you have given us your details! For more information on how the information you give us will be used you can read our Privacy Policy page at http://www.leadsdirect.biz/privacy.html

I don’t want to give an email address, but I do want a VAT invoice. Can I get one posted to me?

As an internet based company our systems are designed to operate using the World Wide Web and email. If we have to manually print and post individual invoices it is very labour intensive and therefore expensive. In addition our Environmental Policy requires that we avoid creating any form of waste whenever possible, and posting documents creates an enormous amount of waste. Accordingly we do not post invoices under normal circumstances. If your circumstances are such that you must have an invoice posted to you, we may make an exception but there would be a charge of £5 +VAT to cover the time and effort involved. Remember that emailed invoices are both environmentally friendly and free!

Why won’t a document you sent me open on my computer?

You may need to install some extra software. Documents are despatched as Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This means that they can be opened on any computer (Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix, etc) as long as they have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. The reader is completely free, and can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
If you already have the software installed it may be that installing the latest version may help. Finally, it is possible that the PDF file has become corrupted when sent over the internet or on your machine. In that case simply contact us and ask for a fresh copy.

Is a document sent by email valid?

Yes. Fully electronic invoicing requires certain standards and certification to be in place before they are valid, but the PDF files we send are fully printable rather than electronic. They are therefore just as valid as paper, and if you prefer paper you can simply print out a pristine copy for yourself.

I have lost a document you sent me – can I obtain a duplicate?

Certainly. If you contact us by email or telephone 0345 193 0615 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) we will be happy to forward a duplicate. There is no charge for this service as long as the information is still available. Normally we can offer immediate free copies of documents originated in the current and immediately preceding financial years.

General (2)

Do you have any sort of environmental policy?

Leads Direct takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously, and has had policies in place for many years – even before environmental responsibility and recycling were as popular and commonplace as they are today. All our staff are informed about our policies on joining, and adhering to those policies is an important part of their contract of employment.

For more information see our Environmental Policy page.

Do I have to use your 0345 number to ring you?

Of course not, but it does provide the best possible service at local rate. The advantages are:

  • that we can have one easily memorable number for multiple lines
  • that we can organise load balancing across those lines for the most efficient customer service
  • that if one line is busy your call can cascade down to other lines
  • that as we expand our business we can add more lines without our customers having to learn new numbers
  • that if we move we can do so without our contact numbers having to change and customers losing contact.

If customers call a fixed number and that line is busy, they will get at best an answering service and at worst just a busy signal. If they call 0345 193 0615 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) they will get connected unless all lines are busy.

Customers wishing to dial a normal geographic number can do so, but must realise that they may have problems getting through to us if lines are busy. The STD number 01273 515735 can be used in this way, and in addition the International number provided at the foot of this and every other information page on our site can be used, dropping the country code and adding a leading zero when calling from the UK. That would result in the number01273 510147 .

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