Do I have to use your 0345 number to ring you?

Of course not, but it does provide the best possible service at local rate. The advantages are:

  • that we can have one easily memorable number for multiple lines
  • that we can organise load balancing across those lines for the most efficient customer service
  • that if one line is busy your call can cascade down to other lines
  • that as we expand our business we can add more lines without our customers having to learn new numbers
  • that if we move we can do so without our contact numbers having to change and customers losing contact.

If customers call a fixed number and that line is busy, they will get at best an answering service and at worst just a busy signal. If they call 0345 193 0615 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) they will get connected unless all lines are busy.

Customers wishing to dial a normal geographic number can do so, but must realise that they may have problems getting through to us if lines are busy. The STD number 01273 515735 can be used in this way, and in addition the International number provided at the foot of this and every other information page on our site can be used, dropping the country code and adding a leading zero when calling from the UK. That would result in the number01273 510147 .

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