Type N Plug

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The Type N plug is very similar to the Swiss Type J plug, having the same basic layout of the live and neutral pins either side of a raised central earth pin.  The Type N plug is mainly used in Brazil, but is starting to be used in some parts of South Africa.

There are currently two types of N plug: one being the standard, rated at 10amps; the other, a heavier duty plug rated at 20amps (this higher-rated plug has larger pins, which are 4.8mm in diameter).

Noteworthy is Brazil’s use of different types of voltage (as shown in the table below): for your Type N plug requirements, please ensure that your appliance can handle the voltage. Please get in touch with us here for more information on Type N plugs and sockets.

Country Connector Voltage AC Frequency (Hz)
Brazil C,N 127 / 220 60
South Africa C, D, M, N 230 50

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