Type M Plug

Type M Plug 200pxThe Type M plug is mainly used in South Africa, Singapore and India – but a full list of countries that use the Type M plug and socket can be found below.

The Type M plug has 3 rounded pins, and is almost identical to the Type D Indian plug, except for its scale (it is considerably larger). The Type M plug used to be the old UK standard plug before the change over to the newer Type G plug: as such, most Commonwealth countries can be found using the Type M plug.

Country Connector Voltage AC Frequency (Hz)
Bhutan C, D, F, G, M 50 230
Botswana D, G, M 50 230
India C, D, M 50 230
Israel C, H, M 50 230
Lesotho M 50 220
Macau D, M, G, F 50 220
Malaysia A, C, G, M 50 240
Mozambique C, F, M 50 220
Namibia D, M 50 220
Nepal C, D, M 50 230
Pakistan C, D, G, M 50 230
Singapore C, G, M 50 230
South Africa C, D, M, N 50 230
Sri Lanka D, M, G 50 230
Swaziland M 50 230
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