SCSI Connectors

How do I choose from so many options?

The connectors that you need are normally determined by the configuration of your hardware, so it should not be too difficult to locate the correct one. That said, there are a great many connectors with huge numbers of pins and counting them can sometimes be difficult!

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External Connectors

DB25 SCSI connector DB25 – SCSI I:This connector is identical in size and shape to the parallel printer connector, and care must be taken not to connect devices to the wrong type of ports otherwise damage may occur.Longest Edge Length: 37mm
Height: 8mmAlso known as ’25 way D’
Centronics 50 pin male connector CM50 – SCSI I:This connector can be identified by its 50 pins on a continuous strip and a bulky head. It has 25 pins on the top row and 25 pins on the bottom.Longest Edge Length: 60mm
Height: 12mmAlso known as Centronics C50, CN50, Cent50, CM50
HD50 SCSI connector HD50 – SCSII:This connector can be identified by identified by the number of pins. The HD 50 has clearly separate individual pins, with 25 in the top row and 25 in the bottom.Longest Edge Length: 34mm
Height: 6mmAlso known as SCSI II, High Density 50 pin, HP50, Half-Pitched 50 pin, HPDB50, DM50, 50 way Micro D, Micro DB50, Ultra2 SCSI, Fast-40
HD68 SCSI connector HD68 – SCSI III & LVD:This connector can be identified by the number of pins. The HD68 has clearly separate individual pins with 34 in the top row and 34 in the bottom.LVD cables using this connector can handle longer cable lengths and double the throughput of the standard SCSI III cable.Longest Edge Length: 47mm
Height: 6mmAlso known as SCSI III, High Density 68 pin, HP68, Half-Pitched 68 pin, HPDB68, DM68, 68 way Micro D, Micro DB68, Ultra Wide SCSI, Ultra2 Wide SCSI, Ultra2 LVD SCSI, Ultra3 SCSI, Ultra-160
VHDCI SCSI connector VHDCI – SCSI V: This connector can be identified by its 68 pins on a continuous strip and very small head. This is a miniature version of the Centronics CM50 with 68 pins arranged with 34 in the top row and 34 in the bottom.Longest Edge Length: 31mm
Height: 4mmAlso known as SCSI V, UHD, Ultra High Density, Very High Density 68 pin.


Internal Connectors

IDC 50 pin SCSI ribbon connector SCSI I and II use an IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) connection which has 50 connections. It is the only 50 pin internal cable format within the SCSI specification, and it uses a socket on the cable and a plug on the host device i.e. it has holes in the cable connector.
68 pin IDC SCSI ribbon connector SCSI III Wide SCSI Cables use an IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) HD68 connection which has 68 pins. If you are connecting differential devices then these will be suitable cables.
LVD SCSI ribbon connector LVD internal SCSI Cables have a 68 pin connection and are backwards compatible with differential bus segments. They are recognisable by the twists within the ribbon cable as well as the number of pins. They suitable for all LVD SCSI Specifications including Ultra 160 and Ultra 320 SCSI Buses.

For more general information about SCSI please see our About SCSI page


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