RoHS Certification

rolledcertificateThere is no prescribed requirement for certification in the UK. There is only a requirement in the UK that an EEE product ‘producer’ has documentation to demonstrate compliance. Therefore there is no expiry time or other prescribed approaches to the format of certificates.

Leads Direct ensures that its suppliers declare all products to be RoHS compliant, and have undertaken not to put to market any non-Rohs compliant products unless permitted to do so via an exemption. The products we manufacture ourselves are similarly compliant unless otherwise specified and exempt.

Certification is freely available for any RoHS compliant product(s) that we sell and an individual certificate is created for each product and each customer as and when required – the document relates to specific traceable sales to ensure that there is no possibility of confusion between different supplies.

Here is an example Statement of Compliance:

RoHS Statement Of Compliance Sample

If you have any queries about RoHS Certification please call 08448 155 955 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) – if you have a ‘free calls’ deal that needs an STD number try 01273 510147, (single line only), visit the Help Desk or email us for advice and assistance.


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