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American Plugs and Sockets

Many people have trouble understanding the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) pattern and numbering system as allocated to the US power connectors – available to purchase from our e-shop in the Mains Connectors section. The code is comprised of four major identifiers, in a combination of numbers and letters which can appear more like alphabet soup than a structured electrical specification.

However there is a simple way to decode plug patterns and connections, making locating the correct specification dead easy.

  • The first identifier, which is either a blank space or an “L,” indicates whether the plug is a straight or locking blade device – if there is an “L” it is a locking connector.
  • The second identifier is a number which assigns the voltage rating; for example, a “5” represents a voltage rating of 125 Vac and a “6” denotes a rating of 250 Vac. The rating given is the highest voltage allowed for the device. Other voltage ratings are described below.
  • The third identifier, also a number, identifies the highest amperage rating allowed for use with the device.
  • The fourth and final identifier is a letter that determines whether the device is a plug (“P”) or a receptacle / outlet / socket (“R”).

Putting that all together into a quick reference chart produces the following:

You can view a larger version in your browser.

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