Konexia Multijack

A Totally Flexible Wallplate System – Available January 2008

Mulitjack 6-mixed-modules---200Multijack by Konexia is a quality, flexible, modular, structured interconnection system for home Audio / Visual / Data and Home Theatre products. Multijack offers individual modules dedicated to Data Signals in the form of Cat5e+, and Cat6+ as well as Audio and Video Modules for just about every connector type imaginable.

The increased complexity of audio, video, voice and data systems around the home has gone much further than ever imagined in the days of monophonic vinyl records players and radiograms. Wiring a home for this advanced technology is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. Yet, it is rare for two homes or installations to require the same system of cabling to suit their needs. The number of network outlets, provision for streamed video, satellite connection, home theatre and multi-room AV all dictate the type and volume of cabling required.

All internal cabling needs to be terminated. Standard wall plates are commercially available for some of the popular terminations; UHF (for aerials), F-type (for satellite), RJ45 (networking), but all of these are standard one or two outlet single or double face plates and offer no flexibility and limited availability for some signals. Consider speaker terminals or RGB phono outlets as two examples.

The MultiJack range gives complete flexibility of specification, design and installation for the home communications and entertainment systems. Advanced technologies such as RFT (Retention Force Technology®) and Cone-of-Silence™ deliver unparalleled signal integrity.

Single Gang Faceplates

Multijack Plate 3 Phono 1 S 150pxThe single gang UK faceplates accommodate up to 4 Multijack Modules. The emphasis is on visual impact, and these faceplates are asthetically pleasing with a gently curved front face. They are designed to fit a standard UK single patrice box and to be “seen”. In a home theatre environment these faceplates would be configured and sited for loudspeaker outlets, for connection to a satellite receiver or maybe for a multi-outlet network connection. A range of coloured decor plates are available to further enhance their visual appeal.

MMOS – Multijack Multimedia Outlet System

Multijack Dual-Gang MOS Wallplate 100pxThe MMOS Face plates provide the highest level of application and installation flexability for data and A/V connectivity. They are specifically designed for “Behind Equipment” wall mounting where practicality and flexability are more important than asthetic impact. Available in both single and double formats, these faceplates, when used with K-MPD-01 MMOS 2 Port Multijack adapters provide facility for up to 6 and 12 Multijack modules respectively or 3 and 6 K-MHD-01 MMOS HDMI Modules, or combinations of those modules. Both faceplates incorporate a designated labeling area for outlet identification.

Recessed Entertainment Box

Multijack Recessed Entertainment BoxThe Recessed Entertainment Box is the ultimate in flexible connectivity. Incorporating 3 x K-MSS-01 this unit is designed to be recessed into a wall and sit behind a flat screen or an entertainment system. The large recess allow cables to be tidied away behind the equipment.

The K-REB-01 Recessed Entertainment Box measures approx 240mm X 200mm and can house 9 K-MHD-01 or K-MPD-01 MMOS plates

We havethe entire Konexia Multijack range coming into stock in January 2008, and as new products become available we will continue to add to the range. For advice and assistance with any wiring or installation and wallplate requirements please visit our secure online shop, call 08448 155 955 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) – if you have a ‘free calls’ deal that needs an STD number try 01273 510147, single line only), visit the Help Desk or email us.

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We reserve the right to change Specifications / Colours from those listed above without notice due to Product Improvement and component availability. Photographs and other images are for guidance only and actual products may vary cosmetically from that shown. Prices are correct at the time of writing but Prices and Specifications will be confirmed at time of order. All products are offered subject to availability. Errors & Omissions Excepted.

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