UK to IEC C21

We currently have a single IEC C21 cable as a stock part, a 2m which is custom made to order. We find the 2m is the most common length of custom IEC C21 cables we make but if you’re after a different length then please get in touch for a quote.

The IEC C21 connector is very similar to the IEC C19 connector but instead of the “Square” shape the C21 has two chamfered edges and unlike the C19 the C21 has a maximum temperature rating of 155°C and a Max rating of 16amp. The chamfered edges of the C21 act much like the notch on the IEC C15 connector as a safety feature, meaning you can’t plug an IEC C19 into an IEC C22 plug. You can use the C21 in place of a C19 connector but not the other way around.

For more information on the IEC C21 connector please have a look at our Technical Library or get in touch.

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