UK to IEC C17

We have a small range of IEC C17 connectors to UK plugs. The IEC C17 connector is basically a 2 pin version of an IEC C13 which makes this a non-earthed connector. The IEC C17 has a maximum working temperature of 70°C and is rated at 10amps, exactly the same as an IEC C13. Due to safety reasons you can’t use an IEC C17 connector in a IEC C14 due to the lack of an earth pin but you can use an IEC C13 cable instead of the IEC C17.

We have the IEC C17 available as a rewireable connector so can make a cable to any required length, please see the IEC C17 rewireable connector or if you would like a quote for a custom cable then please get in touch either via our Contact Us page or give us a quick call.

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