UK to IEC C15 (Hot Condition)

Here we have a range of the true kettle lead, the IEC C15. The IEC C15 connector is very similar to the IEC C13 however the IEC C15 features a “notch” which is missing from the straight bottom edge which allows the C15 to plug into the C16 male connector. This notch is a safety feature meaning that you can’t accidentally plug in an IEC C13 into an IEC C16, this is due to the C13 connector only having a maximum operating temperature of 70°C whereas the IEC C15 has a Max of 120°C, making this connector the true hot conditioned kettle lead.

We also have a small range of IEC C15A connectors, the connectors have an even higher working temperature than the IEC C15, at 155°C. Like the IEC C15 has the notch as a safety feature, preventing the IEC C13 being plugged in, the IEC C15A connector has two safety features, both the “Notch” at the bottom like the standard C15 and a raised ridge running along the top.

If you would like any additional information on the IEC C15 and IEC C15A connectors or cables, or if you would like any info on the best type of cable to go with the hot conditioned connectors then please visit our Technical Library or give us a call.

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