Japanese (Type A and Type B) Mains Leads

Here we have a small range of moulded type A and type B Japanese mains power cables. Our standard moulded cables feature both NEMA 1-15 plugs (2-pin) and NEMA 5-15 plugs (3-pin earthed). The main difference between US and Japanese mains cables is the type of cable used (both countries use the same plug). For more information please Get In Touch. For a short list of countries that use Type A and Type B power leads, look no further: •Angola •Bahamas •Canada •Colombia For a more detailed view of countries that use both Type A and Type B plugs, take a look in our Technical Library under our International Voltages page. If you can’t find the cable you’re looking for, or if you need a custom cable made up, then please Get In Touch for a quote. We’re able to custom make to any length, using either rewireable or moulded connectors, depending on the quantity you’re after.

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