Chinese (Type I) Mains Leads

Here you will find a small selection of Chinese mains power cables. For a short list of countries that use Type I power leads, look no further: •Cook Islands •Australia •Fiji •New Zealand For a more detailed view of countries that use Type I plugs, take a look in our Technical Library under our International Voltages page. Did you know that an Australian plug is basically identical to a Chinese mains plug? The only difference is 1mm in the length of the pins. So although Chinese and Australian cables have different approvals, that won’t stop you using a Chinese lead in an Australian socket or vice-versa – although we do recommend using the approved plug for the appropriate country. Please note that you must not use an Argentinian cable in place of a Chinese cable, as the live and neutral connections are reversed. If you’re in any doubt, please Get In Touch for information – or have a look at our International Voltages page in our Technical Library. Remember that we’re able to Custom Make almost any type of lead, including just about every type of mains cable. If you’re looking for a longer cable, shorter cable, or want a different IEC (or other) connector, please Get In Touch for a quote using our Custom Lead quotation form.

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