Brazilian (Type N) Mains Leads

We have a small range of the new standard Type N Brazilian plugs. In the past (still the case in some regions) the Type A or American NEMA1-15P plug was used in the country, along with the Type B American NEMA5-15P and the European 2-pin plug. For a short list of countries that use Type N power leads, look no further: •Brazil •South Africa For a more detailed view of countries that use Type N plugs take a look in our Technical Library under our International Voltages page. You may need to check the current voltages of the countries you’re visiting: however, in Brazil there is no standard voltage. Most states use 110V, but some states in the north – and some hotels – use 220-240V, so you will need to check what region you’re travelling to before purchasing. Please check out our International Voltages page in our Technical Library for a little more information, or give us a quick call or email if you have any questions. See our Contact Us page for contact details.

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