Schuko (Type F & Type E) Mains Leads

Below is a selection of our Schuko European mains leads which use the Type F mains plug. The Schuko plug is officially designated CEE7/7 and features a plate with a hole in it between and above the two pins – this connects to French and Belgian sockets which have an earth pin that sticks out. Running in a slot coming from that plate is a continuation strip from the plate.

Other European countries use a socket with a scrolled metal connector emerging from the side which mates with that strip. This ensures that the Schuko can be used in most mainland European countries making the Schuko the most widely used mains plug and therefore Mains Cable in Europe.

The below selection use a range of IEC connectors from the 2.5amp IEC C7, the 10amp IEC C13 or the 16amp IEC C19, along with stripped ends or cut ends or even a UK socket.