Italian (Type L) Mains Leads

Here we have a selection of Italian mains power cables. Italy mainly uses the type L Plug (which is why it’s known as the Italian plug) but they also use type C Plug (2 pin Euro) and type F Plug (Schuko plug). Type L plugs/outlets may have different pin spacing. The smaller and closer pins are for a rated current of 10 A, the bigger and wider pins are for a rated current of 16 A. Both kinds are currently used and comply to the relevant Italian (CEI) regulations. Some outlets have overlapping holes to accept either older or newer types. Please Get In Touch if you need any more information or have a look in our International Voltages page in our Technical Library.

For a short list of which countries use Type L power leads look no further:


For a more detailed view of countries that use Type L plugs take a look in our Technical Library under our International Voltages page.

Remember we’re able to Custom Make almost any type of lead, including just about every type of mains cables, sadly there’s a few we’re unable to make but not many! If you’re looking for a longer cable, shorter cable or want a different IEC or other connector then please Get In Touch for a quote using our Custom Lead quotation form.