Euro (Type C) Mains Leads

Here is a range of European type C 2 pin mains power cables. These unearthed cables are used extensively across most of mainland Europe as well as further afield. Please note that this connector has no earth connection, and must not be used on any appliance that needs to be earthed. It is also commonly used with low power devices, whilst devices with higher power consumption are usually made using the full Schuko plug.

Due to this type of European plug being unearthed it can only be used with the 2.5amp IEC C7 figure of 8 connector, IEC C9 6amp connector or the IEC C17 10amp connector. The IEC C7 comes as a fully moulded unit which are always in stock, but the IEC C9 and IEC C17 leads need to be manufactured to order, usually though this only takes a few hours.

If you need any more information on the Euro Type C power lead or if you simply can’t find what you’re after just give us a call and we’ll do what we can.