Micro and Mini HDMI Leads

Our mini and micro HDMI leads are high-speed HDMI cables with ethernet, suitable for device networking, and are able to handle video resolutions of 1080p and beyond (including advanced display technologies such as 4K and 3D). The mini connector enables you to connect your devices to LCD Tvs, plasma Tvs or home cinema sets. These are the latest – and definitely the best – way of connecting AV equipment. HDMI leads and cables can carry audio and video without interference: if you can use it, do – it is almost future-proof! HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface for use with DVD players, digital television (DTV) players, set-top boxes and other audiovisual devices. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus standard to multi-channel surround-sound audio. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, either try our HDMI Adaptors page – or Contact Us if you have any questions, or need a little more information.

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