What is the best type of connection to use for Audio Visual and Home Cinema applications?

You should buy the shortest leads you can, and the highest quality you can afford. The following rules apply:

For best results with Video always use the following order of preference: HDMI, Component Video, S-Video, Composite Video, SCART.

For best results with Sound always use the following order of preference: HDMI, Digital Optical, Digital Co-Axial, Analogue, SCART.

What you are able to use depends on the facilities provided by your equipment, so it is hard for me to advise in detail at this stage. We have a wide range of these leads available – in general the Superior leads would be preferred.

To browse the range, and if you wish use our full SECURE on-line ordering and Credit Card processing capability, visit our e-shop – much of the range is available now, with more being added daily. When you get there click Product Overview and then Audio Visual Leads to get started.

You can also enter any search terms you wish (for example ‘HDMI’ or ‘SCART’) into the Quick Search and any matching products should be displayed. Click the image or the link provided for a larger image, an extended description if one is available, and the option to order securely online.

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