If SCART connectors are so awful, why do we have them at all?

The SCART connector was introduced to TVs in 1977. Effectively as a trade protection mesaure it became compulsory on all new television sets sold in France starting from January 1980 – this was intended to stop Japanese television sets coming into France.

The Japanese response was to include a SCART in everything that came to Europe since we all get the same box with a slightly different plug and worse translated manual. Because they were there, they got used even though the quality is dreadful.

If you are reading this I am sure that you will know that if you move a DVD player or video recorder with a SCART in it tends to fall out of the back, and of course it only needs to be 2 degrees out of true to adversely affect quality. If you have any other options on your equipment, use them!!

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