Can I get a USB to Firewire Converter?

It is not generally possible to connect USB to Firewire since they run at entirely different speeds – it would be like trying to power a Ferrari with a lawnmower engine or vice versa!

USB 1 runs at a maximum of 12 Mbps
Firewire runs at 400 Mbps
USB 2 runs at 480 Mbps
Firewire B runs at 800 Mbps

As you can see from this there is a massive incompatibility that would mean either huge buffers would be needed whilst the slower speed devices caught up with the faster speed bus, or the slower devices would not be able to transmit enough data for the faster devices to run at all.

The solution is to add a Firewire card to your PC so that you have both types of port available. A firewire card such as our part FWHC costs less than £24 from our e-shop – visit our secure area to purchase one!

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