I have lost a document you sent me – can I obtain a duplicate?

Certainly. If you contact us by email or telephone 0345 193 0615 (Lo-call local rate. multiple lines) we will be happy to forward a duplicate. There is no charge for this service as long as the information is still available. Normally we can … Continue reading

Is a document sent by email valid?

Yes. Fully electronic invoicing requires certain standards and certification to be in place before they are valid, but the PDF files we send are fully printable rather than electronic. They are therefore just as valid as paper, and if you … Continue reading

Why won’t a document you sent me open on my computer?

You may need to install some extra software. Documents are despatched as Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This means that they can be opened on any computer (Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix, etc) as long as they have the … Continue reading

I don’t want to give an email address, but I do want a VAT invoice. Can I get one posted to me?

As an internet based company our systems are designed to operate using the World Wide Web and email. If we have to manually print and post individual invoices it is very labour intensive and therefore expensive. In addition our Environmental Policy … Continue reading

I don’t want to give you an email address. Do I have to do so?

If you want to receive a VAT invoice, then yes you do. However, there is no need for concern about giving us your email address. Under normal circumstances we do not give any details to anyone outside the company, not … Continue reading

Will I get a VAT invoice?

Full VAT invoices in PDF format are automatically despatched to the email address you give when placing your order. The invoice will contain a consignment reference if appropriate, to enable you to track your parcel over the internet. If you … Continue reading

Are all the leads and cables you sell exactly the length stated?

All lengths quoted are nominal, allowing for normal manufacturing tolerances. Mass manufactured products are normally supplied to us by the factories on the basis that the actual length versus the nominal length may be plus or minus 5%. Custom leads … Continue reading

Are all the products you sell exactly like the photographs on the website?

Photographs are as accurate as possible but are provided for guidance only. Many of the products we provide are generic and may therefore be made by more than one manufacturer and even in more than one country. Supply chain problems … Continue reading

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