article and glassesLeads Direct staff have a great deal of skill and knowledge about leads and cables and the company is happy to impart this knowledge where appropriate. Part of this process is the writing of articles, both technical and general in nature, for publication in traditional publications, on the internet, or indeed both.

There are a great many such articles and a wealth of additional information in our Technical Library, all of which are available to view free of charge.

Our Copyright and Reproduction page gives details of how we administer our copyright and reproduction rights for our articles, so if you would like to include one of our articles in your publication or website this should be an early stop for you…

We also provide technical assistance and review product for a wide variety of publishers of all sorts, and on our Published Articles page we provide links to published articles which may be of interest to you. Publications as diverse as BMW Magazine (for BMW car enthusiasts) and Quest Bulgaria (for those considering moving to or buying property in Bulgaria as well as those expatriate Britons already living there) have carried Leads Direct products, technical information and specially written articles.

Our External Articles page carries links to articles that we didn’t write, but which might still be of interest to our visitors.

Finally our Request an Article page allows users of this site and content publishers to request that we add an article to this site, to request permission to use an existing article on their site or in their publication, or to commission an entirely new article.

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