Price on Application

What is ‘Price On Application’ and why is it listed against the product I just looked at?

Whenever possible Leads Direct will offer a fixed price for a product which will remain valid until it is superseded by a new price and any catalogue or web page is updated appropriately. However, sometimes a reliable fixed price for a product is unavailable in which case the cost may be set to ‘Price on Application’ (also known as POA). This could be for any number of reasons, such as:

  • A product may be of a type where prices fluctuate very frequently, leading to any price given going quickly out of date. Because prices can go down as well as up, this can be to the customer’s advantage as they will always get a current and best possible price when they enquire
  • A product may be highly customised, in which case it will be impractical to give a fixed price until the required level of customisation is known
  • A product may have to be specially made or ordered and therefore must be quoted individually each time it is required
  • A product may not yet have passed through customs and therefore a firm landed cost may be unknown making it difficult to give a firm price until more information is available


How do I get a firm price for the product?

Just call our friendly sales staff on 0345 193 0615 and they will be happy to discuss your requirements and work out a price for you.  Alternatively complete the form below to request a firm price for the product:

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