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Open for Business Online

The UK Government guidelines in relation to businesses opening for manufacturing and mail / internet ordering has allowed us to open our warehouses for shipping and our workshops for manufacturing.

However, there may be a slightly reduced level of service due to low staff numbers which is likely to extend lead times for custom assemblies and it is also possible that supply issues may lead to some product or component shortages.  All carriers have also removed any form of guarantee on next day and other timed services so whilst we will ship as quickly as possible we would ask you to be patient as once the parcels have been accepted by the carrier they are outside our control.  We will get them to you as soon as possible, but it may take a little longer than usual.

Internally we will be following the guidelines outlined by the Government including:

  • Only staff that volunteer to work will be coming into our premises.  Nobody will be required to work if they do not wish to do so in light of the current pandemic.
  • All staff that can work from home will be able to do so if they wish.
  • Any staff with people who live with them that fall into the ‘At Risk’ categories will either work remotely from home or will not be required to attend work.
  • Any staff who themselves or who live with anyone who has even mild symptoms that could be Coronavirus will not be allowed to attend work
  • Wherever possible staff will be working at least at the mandatory Social Distancing level of 2 metres from the nearest co-worker.
  • Where it is necessary for staff to come within less than 2 metres of each other this will be for the minimum time possible e.g. if it is necessary to pass another member of staff to get to a particular tool or product  and there is no alternative route available passing will be permitted.

It may be necessary to work to a further reduced level depending on the availability of staff as the pandemic continues.  If members of staff become ill, that will reduce the pool of staff available to work.

You can follow the latest situation in regard to the pandemic on the UK Government website:

Trade Counter & Collections

In accordance with the latest Government guidelines our trade counter in Newhaven is now Open

Products and Services

Stocks are good, but it is entirely possible that because of the worldwide pandemic future supplies may be affected and this could affect lead times.  We will notify any customers where there is an extended delay on any product, so nobody will be left wondering if or when their order will ship.  However, we cannot predict anything that may happen once the goods have been handed to the carrier.  Please try to be understanding if you are affected – we will do our very best to get everything shipped within the standard time frame and in any event as soon as is humanly possible.

Technical Support and Ordering

We have staff working remotely to offer technical support and sales and of course our website will still be running so customers will still be able to place orders online. We will be doing all we can to ensure that sales and support functions are available during our usual working hours of 09:00 – 17:30 on weekdays.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or want to place an order you can contact us using the usual methods: online ordering from this website, telephone advice on 0345 193 0615 or you can email  for assistance.


Our Customers

We wish all of our customers, suppliers, and their families the best of health through these difficult times.

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