Conflict Minerals Policy

As a socially responsible company,  Leads Direct has concern for the well-being of people and communities. We conduct business fairly and ethically, respect human rights, comply with laws and regulations, and follow a rigorous Code of Conduct.

Leads Direct supports the efforts of human rights organizations to end violence and atrocities in Central Africa and in particular the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and nine adjoining countries: Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

Conflict minerals are defined as minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, and which are sold or traded by armed groups. This has for some years been a particular problem in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The DRC’s mineral wealth is enormous. It is estimated that the country contains between 65-80% of the world’s columbite-tantalite (coltan) reserves, 49% of its cobalt reserves, and 3% of its copper reserves. Gold and diamond deposits remain under-explored. Industrial Diamond reserves are estimated at 25% of world reserves.

Leads Durect has reviewed the UK Government guidance and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance on Conflict minerals and its applicability to the products manufactured, imported, exported, stocked and distributed for sale by the company.

Leads Direct does not directly trade in any conflict minerals, and undertakes due diligence in order to determine whether ‘conflict minerals’ are used in our products. Specifically these minerals are Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W) and Tin (Sn) as specified in the OECD due diligence guidance.

As part of the process for the acceptance of new suppliers, Leads Direct requires direct confirmation that materials we purchase do not contain conflict minerals and that the full supply chain process of the suppliers has been examined to confirm this.

In addition, we have reviewed our existing supply base, and in particular suppliers of materials that may possibly contain any of the above named minerals. We can confirm that there is no indication that any products manufactured or sold by Leads Direct contain conflict minerals.

This determination is based upon information which Leads Direct believes is reliable. We will continue to monitor our supply chain to ensure that this statement remains current and accurate. Any changes in status will be documented.

Oliver Drake
Quality and Compliance Manager

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